About Act Now RNs

Who Is Act Now RNs?

We’ve been serving Tucson seniors for over a decade and our company was started by hospice nurses who saw a need for senior care guidance. We aren’t a national clearinghouse that inundates you with unsolicited sales calls. We’re locals and we know Tucson. We have grown over the years and now have a dedicated staff of local, caring, professionals who know the Tucson senior living environment and can help guide you through the tough choices faced during health transitions.


What to expect?

With over 400 senior care facilities in Tucson, finding a safe, caring, affordable place to live is daunting! If you filled out the webform for the national guys, you’re probably even more overwhelmed than when you started. They just gave your name and contact information to half the city and now you’re getting a whole bunch of phone calls that you don’t have time for. We don’t do that.


Our Phone Call Is Different

If you call us, you’ll get a live person who’ll listen to you and learn about your needs. If you use our webform, we’ll call or contact you right away (usually within the hour) to learn about your needs. After that, we promise we’ll only contact you if you wish to move forward with our guidance. You will NEVER get an unwanted phone call from us and we will NEVER pass your information on to someone else.


Let’s Meet and Get to Know Each Other

After our initial phone consultation, we’ll meet with you, in person, and do a brief evaluation of the changes going on in your’s or your loved one’s life. We’ll ask about health needs and changes as well as financial needs and geographic preferences. We’ll take the time to discuss health care options and research recommendations that best suit your needs.


It’s a Jungle Out There, We’ll Tour With You!

We’ll then accompany you on tours to pre-qualified facilities or care homes that meet your stated needs and geographic preferences. We personally research, interview, and inspect each facility we work with so you can rest assured that you, or your loved one, will be well-taken care of in a quality setting. While on the tours, we’ll help you with questions you may not know to ask and help clarify exactly what you’ll be getting for your hard earned dollars. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable in your new environment and don’t get any surprises once you’ve moved in.


Transitioning to a New Home

We’ll do everything we can to insure that transitioning to your new circumstances is as smooth and easy as possible, including helping with confusing paperwork, insuring that medical records are transferred or finding additional resources that benefit you.


Who Pays?

Our service is FREE to you.

We have nothing to hide. We are paid a finder’s fee by the care home or senior living facility we introduce you to if you decide to place with them. If you don’t decide to place, we don’t get anything and that’s okay we’ll help you anyway. We get a percentage of the first month’s rent, usually divided out over several months.

Could we make a lot more money if we signed on with every facility in town? Absolutely, however, we are very picky about homes and facilities we’ll work with. If we wouldn’t put our mom there, we definitely won’t suggest it for you! That’s something that a national clearinghouse can never promise.


They don’t know Tucson and they haven’t met you.
Call Us, We Can Help.      520-795-1453